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Making Marbled Paper

Paint Techniques and Patterns for Classic and Modern Marbleising on Paper and Silk. Heather Fletcher of HRJ Design Studios Published by Fox Chapel publishing When this book fell into my in box I was delighted as it is a technique that I have tried out myself and the results can be rather random. Heather Fletcher… Continue reading Making Marbled Paper


Three super stylish marbled fabric projects

Marbling in its many forms, on furniture paper s and fabrics is very popular at the moment. The easiest way to marble is to float oil paint on water as oil and water don't mix. I did this in my previous marbled cards project. This is great if you are marbling paper but it isn't… Continue reading Three super stylish marbled fabric projects


Marble your own colourful greetings cards

These cards are made using a very simple but effective technique –marbling. Once the design is made they are stuck onto plain cards using double sided tape. You will need Lots of space for drying. Shallow tray, large enough to fit the paper. Marbling inks Lolly or cocktail stick Lots of newspaper Kitchen roll Protective… Continue reading Marble your own colourful greetings cards