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Create a boho bench

Design by Juliet Bawden Photography Paul Craig Today's make is really an Ikea Hack of a Nornas Bench¬† transforming a rather dull nondescript softwood bench into an on trend vibrant padded seat/coffee table by being creative and painting, dying, and doing some sustainable up-cycling.   You will need Nornas Ikea Bench 2 meters thick wadding… Continue reading Create a boho bench


Dye your own shibori chair

Recycling week starts today so am posting some classy recycling projects on my blog this week. When I spotted this down at heel cocktail chair in a charity shop, I knew I was¬† onto a winner. I made a pattern and then created my own shibori print just by pleating and using clothes pegs. The… Continue reading Dye your own shibori chair


Three super stylish marbled fabric projects

Marbling in its many forms, on furniture paper s and fabrics is very popular at the moment. The easiest way to marble is to float oil paint on water as oil and water don't mix. I did this in my previous marbled cards project. This is great if you are marbling paper but it isn't… Continue reading Three super stylish marbled fabric projects


Three easy ways to decorate Easter eggs

NATURAL DYEING White eggs can be dyed using all sorts of vegetables and fruits. As a rule the longer the egg is in the dye bath the deeper the colour achieved. White eggs can be difficult to come by, but many Asian stores sell them or you can use white duck eggs. Use yellow onion-skins… Continue reading Three easy ways to decorate Easter eggs