Three super stylish marbled fabric projects

Marbling in its many forms, on furniture paper s and fabrics is very popular at the moment. The easiest way to marble is to float oil paint on water as oil and water don’t mix. I did this in my previous marbled cards project. This is great if you are marbling paper but it isn’t really suitable for fabric as it sits on the surface and feels hard. I discovered  a brilliant kit on line made by homecrafts direct  

Rather than just plain cloth I decided to marble some baby items, a couple of headbands and some yellow napkins.


the kit includes a marbling ground and a selection of different colours which you can also buy as a pearlised set. You will need to mix up the dye bath in advance. so allow time for this.

You will need



Kitchen roll

surgical or vinyl gloves

Marbling ground

A shallow dish that is large enough to fit the largest garment or piece of fabric you wish to marble onto

Marbling colours

Items to marble natural fibres and light colours or white are best.


  1. Prepare the bath by mixing 50gms of marbling ground with 2.5litres of water until it is the consistency of thin cream.
  2. Cover the work area with newspaper. Put on vinyl gloves and an apron to protect yourself.
  3. To break the surface tension of the bath, skim over it with a piece of kitchen roll.
  4. Immediately after skimming drip the marbling colours onto the surface of the bath.
  5. Use an old pencil or back of a paint brush to spread and manipulate the colours.
  6. when you are happy with the design lay the garment or fabric on the surface of the bath and then once the colour has taken gently lift it out.
  7. At this stage I wash off the size from the dye bath and then leave my fabric to dry. Other people leave the fabri c to dry with the size still on it and then wash it off later.
  8. Once dry iron on the back to fix the design.



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