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Recycle plastic bags to make pompoms

Today I am posting a very easy to project that you can make during lock down. All you need are plastic bags, scissors, cardboard or a 'pom pom maker' and string. I am not suggesting for one moment that you waste usable plastic bags, but once they are no longer viable they can be cut… Continue reading Recycle plastic bags to make pompoms

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Make a Face Mask to help protect against Covid 19

Since, like the rest of the world, I have been in lock down I have had some time to do research into face mask making, to protect from Covid 19. I was going to create my own pattern but as there are so many mask patterns and videos on line, I decided not to reinvent… Continue reading Make a Face Mask to help protect against Covid 19

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Waxed Cloth Food Wrap

Useful Presents Make Waxed Cloth Food Wraps and give them away as  presents. Do away with all that plastic cling film and make something that really works By Juliet Bawden  Photographed by Antonia Attwood  MA RCA This project is very easy to do, it smells delicious and it works. I had been reading about food wrap… Continue reading Waxed Cloth Food Wrap

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Mini Makes – Envelope back notepad

This is a very easy and practical way of using up old envelopes to create a notepad. Useful  for writing shopping lists and phone messages. I would love to say this is my idea but I must be honest and admit to having seen similar elsewhere. I have one friend who creates wonderful works of… Continue reading Mini Makes – Envelope back notepad

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Customized seed storage jars

As we are having such glorious weather I thought it would be fun to create some interesting storage jars for any seeds you have hanging around. I searched for small  toy animals  in a charity shop, where  I found these wooden bunnies that I thought would be perfect for this project. I then  discovered Rustoleum’s… Continue reading Customized seed storage jars