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Chair makeovers during the time of Covid

I was recently given a small broken chair to repair for my youngest grandson, and so I persuaded The Significant Other to make a new seat for it. Chair in need of TLC Once the chair seat had been replaced , I gave it a coat of primer. Prime the chair before painting When the… Continue reading Chair makeovers during the time of Covid

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Chair makeover using Vintage Tapestries

Materials Annie Sloan paint in Provence and Aubusson, Annie Sloan furniture wax, Old tapestries, Thread, Paper to make a pattern, Upholstery tacks, Decorative upholstery nails, chair to upholster A chair in need of a makeover Equipment A cotton rag, Sandpaper Paint brush, Needle-nosed pliers, Pins, Paper Cutting Scissors , Dressmaking scissors, Sewing machine, Iron and… Continue reading Chair makeover using Vintage Tapestries

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Meet the Maker, the Queen of paint, Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan has just launched her third Bookazine , The colourist (hard copy, editorial like a magazine, no adverts like a book). Here is the interview I did with in her, in her eclectic studio and headquarters, about her life, passion and rise to fame. Annie Sloan is known for her paint company and in… Continue reading Meet the Maker, the Queen of paint, Annie Sloan

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The Colourist

The art of colourful livingĀ  by Annie Sloan The Colourist is a Bookazine and is Annie Sloan's latest venture. The current plan is to publish bi-yearly, but don't quote me on that.   For those who don't know, a bookazine, as it says on the tin, is a cross between a book and a magazine.… Continue reading The Colourist

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Recycled painted pots

If any of you  live with  dogs or cats and feed them  tinned food, you probably have a few empty tins lying around. I decided to recycle mine to hold some Heather and Cactus plants. You will need Rustoleum chalk paint clean empty tin scouring pad Paint brush plastic box Fill the plastic box with… Continue reading Recycled painted pots