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Up-cycle old books and children’s toys to create stylish book ends.

If you have some ‘time expired’ books such as out of date restaurant or travel guides or have a few charity shop finds why not create some book ends from them. Top with a child’s toy animal, sprayed with Rustoleum paint. 1 You will need Rustoleum Neon Spray paint Rustoleum Metallic spray paint A few… Continue reading Up-cycle old books and children’s toys to create stylish book ends.

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Recycled painted pots

If any of you  live with  dogs or cats and feed them  tinned food, you probably have a few empty tins lying around. I decided to recycle mine to hold some Heather and Cactus plants. You will need Rustoleum chalk paint clean empty tin scouring pad Paint brush plastic box Fill the plastic box with… Continue reading Recycled painted pots


Mini Makes – French Ash Tray Candle Holders

I have created mini makes as something to make immediately. Sometimes a transformation can be made with just a lick of paint or a bit of fabric wrapping. This is more to do with ingenuity than craftsmanship, it is a way of looking and thinking 'I know what I can do with that'. They are all … Continue reading Mini Makes – French Ash Tray Candle Holders

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Jam Jar Christmas Lanterns

This project is recycling at its simplest. You will need Corrugated card Rustoleum metallic spray paints in gold and copper Some glue dots Ikea LED nightlights Jam jars Instructions 1.Gather together your materials.  1 night light for each jar. 2.Rip the corrugated card into strips 3.In a well ventilated, space, spray the strips copper colour… Continue reading Jam Jar Christmas Lanterns