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Waxed Cloth Food Wrap

Useful Presents Make Waxed Cloth Food Wraps and give them away as  presents. Do away with all that plastic cling film and make something that really works By Juliet Bawden  Photographed by Antonia Attwood  MA RCA This project is very easy to do, it smells delicious and it works. I had been reading about food wrap… Continue reading Waxed Cloth Food Wrap

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Le Corbuffet: Edible Art and Design Classics.

By Esther Choi Published by Prestel on 1st October 2019 Home-cooking meets highbrow art in this one-of-a-kind cookbook that uses food to create edible interpretations of modern and contemporary sculptures, paintings, architecture, and design. The nearest I have ever come to a book like the one i am about to review, is the 1987 Artists… Continue reading Le Corbuffet: Edible Art and Design Classics.