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Petit Pan

Today I am going to introduce you to the most fabulous concept stores that I discovered in Paris. Petit Pan design and make a great deal of product, however it is the surface design that they have applied to both papers and fabrics that really commands one's attention. Before lock down they had three shops… Continue reading Petit Pan

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Make a Face Mask to help protect against Covid 19

Since, like the rest of the world, I have been in lock down I have had some time to do research into face mask making, to protect from Covid 19. I was going to create my own pattern but as there are so many mask patterns and videos on line, I decided not to reinvent… Continue reading Make a Face Mask to help protect against Covid 19

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Quince Jelly fit for a Queen

I was recently given some enormous, if somewhat bruised, windfall quinces. So as a great lover of cheese I decided to make some quince jelly,  sometimes  known as quince cheese. Suffice to say as soon as I wanted to make the jelly I couldn't find a recipe. Then I found buried amongst all my other… Continue reading Quince Jelly fit for a Queen