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Picks from Pulse 2018

Every May, Pulse, described as ‘Where trends are born’, showcases different brands and makers, in one venue, Olympia. Retailers come to see and order for their shops. Some of the items will be available this summer and others will be around for Christmas. Here are some of my favourites.

University of Arts London, show work of some of their alumni. Designer Abigail Burch already holds a degree in illustration and is currently completing her MA at Camberwell School of Art. Her work brings a smile to my face. I adore her fat ladies  with hairy legs.


Fat ladies

Another UAL graduate is Shannon Hayes who studied Fashion Jewellery at London College of Fashion. Her bright playful and fun work sells under her grandmother’s name Peggy Beard.


peggy beard snake

Graphic and textile designer Elena Scarlata trained at London college of Communication before returning to her native Italy and setting up her company. She hand prints onto sustainable fabrics and then turns these into accessories for the home.

Elena Scarlata

sea bream

The Jewellery Emporium showed many new designers. I particularly liked the work called ‘Made by Carolinee’. Her work is created from recycled Aluminium.

Made by Caroline

The show is divided into sections included are gifts, textiles, home ware, fashion and children. In the Children’s category are  Eat Sleep and Doodle , they have been around for a while and continue to grow. Each fabric  product comes with  a line drawing on it. There are  different themes including Dinosaurs, a world map and much much more. The joy is that each item comes with its own ‘wash off’ pens so your child can have loads of fun. Once completed the design  can be washed off and they can start again.

Eat Sleep Doodle

Another inspired Kid’s idea is BKD which comprises baking kits for kids, for time pressed parents,  This company started by a mum, was originally an events company but the kits took over and it  has won so many awards that they have expanded into other kinds of kits.



Noodoll design are based in London. They produce  quirky cards, note books and soft toys. I like their shelves, which only became a product after they made some for a trade show and everyone wanted to purchase them.


In contrast to some of the more fluffy designs ‘Block‘ produce a completely different look, clean cut and elegant. At the same time they are colourful and fun and would sit well in an office or home environment.


There is little to beat  utilitarian home ware when it is presented well. Iris Hantverk from Sweden are a company who do just that. They produce lovely brushes and also textiles.

Iris Hantverk

As a lover of most things ‘Scandiwegian’ and particularly linen towels, I was delighted to come across the Finnish Company  Lapuan Kankurit. Owned and worked by the same family for four generations, they still do their own weaving on Jacquard looms, although not using the old card system. They kindly allowed me to use their press images  for this feature, so I can’t take credit for the lovely photo shown here. I hope you have enjoyed my visual tour as much as I have done.




Create a smart padded coffee table from an Ikea Nornas table and a cut up mattress

I transformed an Ikea table into a stylish padded coffee table, using an Ikea mattress and some fabulous butterfly print  linen fabric from Harlequin

butterfly stool .jpg

You will need


1.5m of Harlequin butterfly fabric

1 Nornas coffee table from Ikea

Sample pot of black emulsion

1 x Vyssa mattress

1m of 2 oz wadding




Large dressmakers Scissors

Staple gun

Tape measure

Felt tip pen


  1. Measure half way down the legs of the coffee table and saw each of them in half, at this point it will feel like the table will be very low.
  2. Paint the legs that you are keeping and the underside of the table with black paint. Once the paint is dry, following the instructions, put the table togethe
  3. Lay the table top on top of the mattress and draw round it with a felt tip. Cut out the mattress. You will have one oblong the same size as the table, and the other oblong will need to be made up of pieces. Place the pieces of mattress on top of the table and fit and together until you have an oblong shape the dimensions of the tabletop.
  4. Place the complete mattress piece on top of the pieces that are on top of the coffee table, Cover the whole thing with wadding and staple to the underside of the coffee table. The wadding will hold the mattresses in place.


  1. Place the butterfly fabric on top and staple this over the wadding. You may need to fold and sew at the corners for a neat edge. price £56 a meter

 Tip I used expensive fabric for a lovely look but you can find cheaper options especially if you look in the sales or bin ends.



Upgrade your duvet cover and create ombre bedlinen.

Recycle your old cotton bed linen by using dyes in this years fashionable Pantone colours of Rose Quartz and Serenity, or as we know them pale pink and pale blue. We also added some jeans blue as Denim is so fashionable at the moment.


You will need

1 packet of each of the following Dylon hand dyes in Powder pink, Flamingo pink, Ocean blue and Jeans blue.

750 grammes of table salt

cling film

Double duvet, 2 pillow cases in 100% cotton

Measuring jug

2 buckets and a large container in which to dye


Silicone gloves


You will need lots of hanging and rinsing space for drying between different colour dyeing.


1.Wash the duvet cover and pillowcases and leave them damp.

1 dip dye .jpg

  1. Use cling film to wrap the part of the duvet and pillowcases that you do not want to dye. (About 2/3rds of it)
  2. Mix the powder pink dye according to the instructions on the packet. If you want to make the colour a bit brighter then add about 1/3rd of the colour from the flamingo pink.

2 dip dye .jpg

  1. Fill a container large enough to hold the duvet and the pillowcases, with water. Add the 250g of salt and then add the mixed dye to the water and stir.
  2. Add the wet unwrapped part of the fabric to the dye bath. The colour changes, as the dying proceeds. Stir as in the instructions on the packet. Leave for a further 45minutes.
  3. Once the fabric is dyed, rinse under a tap until the water runs clear. Cut away the cling film.
  4. Hang the duvet and pillowcase to dry. Drying between dying different colours makes the fabric easier to handle. A wet duvet is difficult to manoever.3dip dye

8. Repreat steps 2-7 but over dye the last 1/3 of the duvet cover and pillow cases in jeans blue.When the fabric has dried, cover the pink part of the fabric in cling film. You will then need to hold the part of the fabric you are going to dye under a tap to dampen it.

4 dip dye

9.Follow steps 2-7 with ocean blue. Dip all the remaining duvet cover and pillow cases in the dye bath

6 dip dye