Upgrade your duvet cover and create ombre bedlinen.

Recycle your old cotton bed linen by using dyes in this years fashionable Pantone colours of Rose Quartz and Serenity, or as we know them pale pink and pale blue. We also added some jeans blue as Denim is so fashionable at the moment.


You will need

1 packet of each of the following Dylon hand dyes in Powder pink, Flamingo pink, Ocean blue and Jeans blue.

750 grammes of table salt

cling film

Double duvet, 2 pillow cases in 100% cotton

Measuring jug

2 buckets and a large container in which to dye


Silicone gloves


You will need lots of hanging and rinsing space for drying between different colour dyeing.


1.Wash the duvet cover and pillowcases and leave them damp.

1 dip dye .jpg

  1. Use cling film to wrap the part of the duvet and pillowcases that you do not want to dye. (About 2/3rds of it)
  2. Mix the powder pink dye according to the instructions on the packet. If you want to make the colour a bit brighter then add about 1/3rd of the colour from the flamingo pink.

2 dip dye .jpg

  1. Fill a container large enough to hold the duvet and the pillowcases, with water. Add the 250g of salt and then add the mixed dye to the water and stir.
  2. Add the wet unwrapped part of the fabric to the dye bath. The colour changes, as the dying proceeds. Stir as in the instructions on the packet. Leave for a further 45minutes.
  3. Once the fabric is dyed, rinse under a tap until the water runs clear. Cut away the cling film.
  4. Hang the duvet and pillowcase to dry. Drying between dying different colours makes the fabric easier to handle. A wet duvet is difficult to manoever.3dip dye

8. Repreat steps 2-7 but over dye the last 1/3 of the duvet cover and pillow cases in jeans blue.When the fabric has dried, cover the pink part of the fabric in cling film. You will then need to hold the part of the fabric you are going to dye under a tap to dampen it.

4 dip dye

9.Follow steps 2-7 with ocean blue. Dip all the remaining duvet cover and pillow cases in the dye bath

6 dip dye




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