Mini Makes – Pom Pom Hat

Transform a dull, charity shop hat, into something a little more on trend with just some wool and a pom pom maker. If you don’t have a pom pom maker then cut two disks of card and make it the old fashioned way.

You will need

Woollen hat, An odd ball of wool this could tone in with the hat or be a complete contrast. Scissors to cut the wool and a pom pom maker.  A needle and thread to sew the pom pom onto the hat.


Instructions Cut the wool and thread it onto the pom pom maker. When the pom pom is finished sew it onto the center top of the hat.


Mini Makes – Envelope back notepad

This is a very easy and practical way of using up old envelopes to create a notepad. Useful  for writing shopping lists and phone messages. I would love to say this is my idea but I must be honest and admit to having seen similar elsewhere. I have one friend who creates wonderful works of art from old envelopes so that are really worth taking a second look at and also why waste them.

You will need a collection of old envelopes, split open to reveal the patterned inside, a hole punch, paper scissors, charity shop key rings with easy opening rings.



Cut the envelope backs to roughly the same size. Punch a hole in one corner and then thread on the envelopes, with the patterned side facing upwards, onto a key ring.



Mini Makes – French Ash Tray Candle Holders

I have created mini makes as something to make immediately. Sometimes a transformation can be made with just a lick of paint or a bit of fabric wrapping. This is more to do with ingenuity than craftsmanship, it is a way of looking and thinking ‘I know what I can do with that’. They are all  are very quick makes that require next to nothing  to make, but are just great ways of making something from, nearly, nothing. Someone donated  a whole lot of  old glass ash trays to me.  The good thing about them was they were clean and they are quite heavy and substantial .So I thought I would transform them into candle holders with a quick blast of paint from Rustoleum metallics and there you have it  rather nice candle holders.