Craft figures rise during Covid

Nicolas Saint Grégoire Braque Dress 2.2011 Cynthia Corbett Gallery It has been apparent for some time that the appetite for the hand made is on the rise. The crafts council recently launched a report to identify and gauge the appetite for British craft. Here are some of the amazing, well to me, figures. Vanessa Hogge… Continue reading Craft figures rise during Covid

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Want an easy craft project? Why not decorate eggs for Easter.

The blue eggs are created by using red cabbage, the brown are made from onion skins These eggs are dyed using just onion skins and red cabbage. It is so simple to do and very effective. ingredients You will need Eggs with white shells. Asian shops are a good source of white hen's eggs and… Continue reading Want an easy craft project? Why not decorate eggs for Easter.

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The Mindful Maker

35 creative Fabric Projects to Focus the Mind and soothe the soul by Clare Youngs Published by Cico Books £12.99 With Mindfulness being so much of the current zeitgeist and crafting snapping, close behind, on its heels, this book is both brilliantly timed in its publication date and at the same time utterly engaging. Squeezy… Continue reading The Mindful Maker

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DIY for Dog Lovers

36 P-awsome Canine Crafts By Kat Roberts Published by Lark This is a fun and practical book written by the author of Crafting for Cat Ladies. So if dogs are not your thing you can go and get her other book. She opens the book with the introduction          “ My dog inspires me daily… Continue reading DIY for Dog Lovers

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Crafted A compendium of Crafts:

New, Old & Forgotten By Sally Coulthard Published by Quadrille and imprint of Hardie Grant The craft of knitting This book is to crafts people what a dictionary is to a writer,  a very useful tool, full of vital information. It reminds me of the 1970’s Whole earth catalogue and the 1980’s  John Seymour National… Continue reading Crafted A compendium of Crafts: