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Want an easy craft project? Why not decorate eggs for Easter.

The blue eggs are created by using red cabbage, the brown are made from onion skins

These eggs are dyed using just onion skins and red cabbage. It is so simple to do and very effective.


You will need

Eggs with white shells. Asian shops are a good source of white hen’s eggs and some super markets and butchers sell white duck eggs.

Flowers, fronds and leaves to create a pattern

Onions with Yellow Skins to create a mid brown colour

Onions with Red Skins to create a mahogany brown

Red cabbage to make a blue dye. For pale blue, add bicarbonate of soda to the mix

Pair of old tights to hold the leaf or flower in place

Scissors to cut up the tights

Saucepan and water in which to dye the eggs


  1. Peel the onions and keep the skins. I made an onion quiche with my naked onions. Roughly chop up the red cabbage.
chop red cabbage

2. Cut a piece of tight, large enough to tie round an egg. Wet a leaf or flower and press it onto the egg. Tie a piece of the tights around the egg, holding the leaf or flower into place.

3. Put the wrapped eggs and either the onion skins or chopped cabbage in a saucepan with water.

4. Heat the tied eggs, in their dye bath, to a rolling simmer and cook for about half an hour. Leave the wrapped eggs in the water while it cools down. If possible, leave over night or 5 hours before cutting away the tights.

5. Remove all the pieces of tights, leaves and flowers and leave the wet eggs, with their lovely new designs, to dry

6.When all the eggs are dry arrange them all together and eat!

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