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DIY for Dog Lovers

36 P-awsome Canine Crafts

By Kat Roberts

Published by Lark

This is a fun and practical book written by the author of Crafting for Cat Ladies. So if dogs are not your thing you can go and get her other book.

She opens the book with the introduction

         “ My dog inspires me daily with her loyalty, humour and love. Sharker greets me when I return home after work, always joyful.”

 The book opens with the usual techniques tips and materials. As this is a multi craft book there are quite a few of these. There is a mixture of items for your dog and items inspired by dogs. The first chapter called Home includes silhouette portraits of dogs, paw printed stamped gift wrap, a banner and a bone shaped Welcome mat.

The next chapter has accessories including a journal, a fido phone case, a mans best friendship braclet and a Dachshund Shopping Tote.

There are fashion items including Dalmation shoes, a canine clutch and paw print elbow patches. There are fun ideas for DIY dog themed entertaining and finally a chapter on items that you can make for your dog including a name tag, a dog coat, a dog bed, and an up-cycled dog toy.

If you love dogs, have a sense of fun and also love to craft these projects will definitely fit the bill!

book review, Book Reviews

Amigurume eats

Make Cute Scented Crochet foods

 Allison Hoffman

Published by Lark Books

Before I was sent this book to review I had never heard of the word Amigurumi . I did what you would have done and looked it up on Google. It is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. It is a portmanteau of the Japanese words ami, meaning ‘crotched or knitted’ and nuigurumi, meaning ‘stuffed doll’.

         The last book I reviewed on crochet, was on creating cacti and succulents and I thought that was highly eccentric. However making scented crochet food replica’s has to beat it for pure bonkersness.

         On this crafty culinary crochet adventure American craft author Allison Hoffman takes you through a day’s worth of super-cute meals and snacks.

So you can start your day with mini replicas of pancakes and bacon, choose the fillings for your favourite lunchtime sandwich, and sit down to a plate of crocheted spaghetti and meatball, salad and a slice of pie.

         There are also patterns for interactive accessories such as a lunchbox that opens and closes. There are saucepans, a frying pan and spatula to make as well as a tea pot.

         You are given different ways of scenting the projects using wax melts, scents, herbs and spices.

 The projects are small and simple to make even if you are a novice to crochet, this is a really fun book.