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Petit Pan

Today I am going to introduce you to the most fabulous concept stores that I discovered in Paris. Petit Pan design and make a great deal of product, however it is the surface design that they have applied to both papers and fabrics that really commands one’s attention. Before lock down they had three shops all close to one another.

They are a unique lifestyle brand that magically awakens the colour of life. Catering for the children and the home with signature colourful prints. Each collection is a journey in a wondering dreamlike world. It is the fruit of a partnership between Chinese kite designer Pan Gang and Belgian artist Myriam De Loor who created a unique brand essence based on their love of crafts, colours and family.

Based in Paris, since 2002, they have been inventing a world bubbling with colour. Their creativity applies to all everyday objects: quilts coated cotton, fairy tale lanterns, essential bags, cement tiles, notebooks, etc.

They have just launched a SS 2020 range of children’s clothes. Some of which may be seen here. Divided by gender it seems a little old fashioned but the designs are lovely and would look good on both boys and girls.

The story of Petit Pan as told by Myriam De Loor part owner and creator of the brand.

‘In September 2000, a parcel arrived, to us in Paris, by mail from China. It contained a cute outfit: a small jacket and fleece pants. It was a handmade present sent by Pan’s mother as a welcome gift for her grandson.

I loved the richness of the prints: small, sparkling, daring patterns and bold colours just as I like them. I have been enchanted by the comfortable, and cosy outfits that children in far away lands are dressed in. Dressed in his gift, Emile, our son, also seemed to be fulfilled. Thus the story of Petit Pan was born in our minds.’

There are now about 200 surface designs and there is something for everyone: geometrics, floral patterns, plain patterns that are not to be missed. Each pattern has its name: Helium, Hanako, Zazen, etc.

Speaking of her love of pink ‘I’ve never seen a more beautiful rose than China. A bright, magical, milky, almost enigmatic pink: it was an intense encounter with a colour I have never seen again. Since that day, I have been looking for it and try to fix it on our fabrics, to feel daily the little spark of pleasure that pure pink gives.’Myriam De Loor

Emile’s grandfather, Pan Bohua, is a great master of the Chinese kite. He is famous for the giant dragons that he flies in the skies of every continent. His work is of great delicacy. It is he who develops the prototypes according to my drawings for the lanterns and Petit Pan mobiles.


76 Rue François Miron, 75004 Paris, France

33 1 44 54 90 84

10bis Rue Yvonne le Tac, 75018 Paris, France

Phone+33 1 42 23 63 78

7 Rue de Prague street, 75012 Paris, France

Phone+33 9 54 18 50 39

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