Butterfly lamp shade

I had a lamp shade in need of some TLC  at the same time i had some very nice fabric remnants left over from other projects so I decided to combine them.

finished shot

You will need

A lampshade

Half meter of silk fabric

Half meter of Butterflies fabric


Thin bendy wire

Wire cutters and small jewelers pliers

Sewing machine

Fabric Glue



1.Roughly cut out the butterflies and iron onto Bondaweb.

  1. Cut out the bondawebbed butterflies, I saved three butterflies to iron onto the backing fabric, the others I made 3D.
  2. To make the 3D butterflies, cut two lengths of wire, and using the jewelers pliers bend to roughly the shape of the butterfly wings but slightly smaller. Or bend one piece of wire that goes under both wings.3 Cut wire shapes to fit underwings
  3. Peel off the backing paper from the reverse of the butterflies, sandwich the wire between the butterfly and the backing fabric, iron to fuse the fabrics together and encase the wire. Using a zig zag stitch, being careful not to catch the wire, sew round the edge of the butterfly.
  4. Cut out the wired butterflies.
  5. Measure the circumference of the lampshade and add a 2cm seam allowance to the length.
  6. Measure the depth of the shade and add 5cm for turning in.
  7. Arrange the flat butterflies and the 3D ones on the lampshade fabric. Once you are pleased with the design, take a photo, then remove the 3D butterflies.8.Arrange butterflies on fabric
  8. Peel the backing paper from the three saved butterflies. Iron to fuse onto the lampshade fabric.

10 Using a zigzag stitch sew round each butterfly.

  1. Looking at your original image, arrange, pin and sew the 3D butterflies down their backs onto the lampshade fabric.11.Sew 3D butterflies down their centres
  2. Fold the lampshade fabric in half with the butterflies on the inside of the fold.
  3. Using a 1cm seam allowance, sew down the center back. Turn the cover the correct way out, slip it over the shade. Arrange the fabric so the turning allowance at the top and bottom is equal.
    1. Fold the turning over the top edge of the frame, glue in place, repeat with the lower edge of the shade.

    Note: the butterflies may have become crumpled during sewing so rearrange them.

    https://www.harlequin.uk.com/shop/fabric/amilie-silks/amilie-silks/?code=HSB04723 fabric used for lamp shade Amilie silk dupion in shade 4723


    https://www.harlequin.uk.com/shop/fabric/amazilia-fabrics/papilio/?code=HAMA120344 price £56 a meter Fabric used for butterflies



    detail 1


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