Make your very own lamp out of vintage mechano

I found an old box of my husband’s Meccano pieces in the attic and thought the industrial vibe would transform into a great lamp. You can find bits of Meccano in second hand shops and on line or buy new from places such as Argos RRP from £9.99


You will need

Turquoise flex and a bulb  Iconic lights

5 x flat mechano pieces with right angled sides 14cmx 6.5cm with sides 0.5cm

2 x 13.5cm x 6.5cm flat mechano pieces without right angled sides

Wheel with diameter of 7.5cm

2 Cross brace pieces with zig zags 31cm x 5cm

14cm x 0.8cm flat metal batton

Box of meccano screws and bolts

Screw driver



1.Using the flat pieces with the right angled sides, screw them together to construct a rectangle with a hole in the centre.

2. Screw one of the flat pieces 13.5cm x 6.5cm at the back of the rectangle shape to the far right, this will help hold it rigid.

3.Screw one narrow side of the other flat piece 13.5cm x 6.5cm, onto the top edge piece at the back of the box shape on the far left so it is sticking upwards.

4. Three holes from the top, screw the top edge onto the last piece with right angled sides.

5 Turn the lamp round and attach one cross brace from the right hand bottom corner hold at, a 45 degree, angle and screw it where the brace meets the top of the box approx 5 screws in.

6 Screw where the brace cross piece meets the other last right angled piece of Meccano.

7. At approx. 45 degrees in the other direction slip the last cross brace between the flat plate and the first cross brace. Screw together. The result should look like a zig zag.

8. To make the whole thing stable screw the flat metal batton to the angled piece at one end and to the cross brace you just fitted at the other.

9.Screw on the wheel to the highest point of the second cross brace.

10. Thread the light fitting through the cross braces.

You may not be able to get exactly the same pieces as we did, in which case build your own design. Just make sure the base is stable and strong enough to hold the flex and bulb.


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