Eight easy fabric prints using low tech materials including string, pencil erasers, pipe lagging and vegetables

As many of you may have seen in one of my previous posts it is very simple to create patterns using little more than things you find around the house or in the garden. I have a you Tube video that shows using  a pepper to make a print. The designs below have been made with all different items. Some of the designs use  the same method but are printed in a different colour way. They are all printed onto fabrics using Dylon fabric paint. The prints are  fixed by ironing onto the back of the fabric once the paint had dried


This first print is made using pipe lagging to create a circle and a dot from an eraser at the end of the end of a pencil.  The second print uses the same method but in a different colour way.


The print below was printed using a small red cabbage cut in half. IMG_2942

The next design was made in two stages. First of all a halved potato was used to create the pink back ground. This was left to dry before the next part of the design was added. This is a celery end, the bit you usually throw away or put in a stock pot.  The celery head was dipped in red and applied on top of the pink potato dots. It looks quite rose like.


The blue and lime design below has been created using a small block of wood with elastic bands wrapped round it dipped in blue paint and then the lime dots were added later using the pencil eraser once again.


Pipe lagging and pencil erasers came into their own again for this design. IMG_2944.jpg

The  circular design is made up of a new potato cut in half and that old pencil eraser making dots round each circle. IMG_2946

I love this design it is another block this time wrapped in string printed in black and, yes you’ve guessed it, that old eraser again this time creating red dots.



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