Recycle your old tote bags to create funky cushions!

Lots of companies provide calico bags when you purchase their goods or go to a trade show. If like me, you are a collector the chances are you will have accumulated a few throughout the years. What do you do with all those bags? Well I thought what a brilliant way to make cushion covers. You can recycle old cushion pads and you don’t even need a sewing machine as three sides of the cushion are already sewn.


You will need..

  • Calico bags mainly from trade shows
  • Old cushion pads
  • Pins needles and thread from www.korbond.com
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Iron/ironing boardIMG_0008.jpgStep 1

    Most bags are oblong in shape and most cushion pads are square so you will need to cut off the top of the bag along with the handles. Here is an image of some calico bags ready for transformation.


    Measure the width of the bag and then measure the same distance from the bottom corner of the bag to the top add 1 cm seam allowance. Draw a line just under the handles.

    Step 3

    Cut off the handles and the surplus fabric at the top of the bag. Press the bag flat.


    Stuff the old cushion pad into the cover making sure that the corners of the pad are pushed into the corners of the cover. Fold in the open edges by 1cm and pin together.


    Sew the opening closed with a slip stitch or a hemming stitch.



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