Create your own feather sun prints

To make a sun print you need some sunlight and the technique is easier to do in spring and summer than in the winter. However even on an overcast day you can get good results if you are patient. The Sunprint paper goes through a chemical change when it is exposed to sunlight and even as it is drying the areas that have been exposed to the sunlight will carry on changing in depth of colour. Once cut up and mounted they look fabulous in any interior and would make a great present too.


You will need


Sun print kit from Fred Aldous, including sheets of sun-print paper and acrylic sheet

Piece of cardboard

An A4 shallow container filled with water

Cutting mat

Steel Rule

Craft Knife


Picture Frames

TIP : Make sure to peel off any backing paper from the acrylic before starting.


  1. Go outside, and find a sunny spot. Take a piece of Sunprint paper and place it blue side up on top of the cardboard. Arrange the feathers on top of the blue paper and place the acrylic sheet on top of all of it. Try and comb out the feather so it looks wispy and feather like.
  2. Expose to the sun until the paper turns almost white from 1-5minutes depending on the sunlight. Do not leave too long as it will over expose. Remove the acrylic sheet and the feathers.
  1. Rinse the paper for about a minute and then leave sun prints to dry, before cutting out and fitting into the frame.

You can buy your sun paper from http://www.fredaldous.co.uk


Credits –

Sun print paper – Fred Aldous (http://www.fredaldous.co.uk)

Vase – Habitat (http://www.habitat.co.uk)


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