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The Grown up Guide to looking Fabulous STYLE FOREVER by Alyson Walsh

Being great fans and followers on Twitter of  That’s Not My Agewe are delighted that Alyson has written this much needed book for generation FAB (fifty and Beyond) Packed full of wisdom from those in the know about style trends, looking after your body and mind as well as favourite places to go, the book is small enough to carry in your bag and precious enough never to lend to anyone.

Advise on proportion is given by none other than the late professor Louise Wilson head of MA Fashion at Central Saint Martins. We are shown how to wear colour without looking like a crazy lady and the art of layering without looking frumpy.

Dr Sam Bunting, Harley Street based dermatologist is quoted as saying ‘Take a healthy approach to skin care making the most of you best feature is far more important than having a face full of filler. I may regret saying that, as I’ll do myself out of a few clients’

Six beauty experts tell you which are their best ever products.

As Alyson says ‘That’s not my age allowed me to start a conversation about grown-up style. To share advice and ideas, to meet FABulous women, and most of all, have a laugh. I did sometimes wonder if I was having a midlife crisis on line, but gone are the wobbly ‘is this it’ days of my mid-40’s. I am my age and I’m happy with that. I strongly believe that you don’t have to have youth to have style. That is not about age, but mindset.’

  This book continues the conversation with Alyson’s favourite role models industry experts and women who have inspired her with their attitudes and achievements.

A must buy at £12.99 from hardie grant  books.

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