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Published by Jacqui Small, £25 hardback.

Caroline Rowland is the stylish woman behind 91 magazine. Her own images are always beautiful and her book ‘The Shop Keeper’s Home’ gives a chance to check out the houses of the some of the most influential independent retailers worldwide. The book is divided into two sections, the first comprehensively covers the basics of interior design and the second, using the chosen interiors, gives an in depth exploration of different types of retail experience.

This book is lavishly illustrated, with some lovely photo’s, from Nick Carter amongst others, Caroline Rowland seeks out retailers with stylish interiors and curates them to show core practical interior design tips like clever storage and lighting whilst at the same time giving us a strong flavour of her own personal aesthetics. We are taken behind the closed doors of diverse lifestyle store locations, there’s a cafe, craft shop, old barn and even a repurposed gas station.

As well as old favourites we are introduced to new retail emporiums to inspire us to go out and seek. A wonderful visual resource, The Shop Keeper’s Home gives us a chance to indulge our curiosity as well as feeding the soul with a wealth of ideas to steal.

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