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Mend and Patch

By Kerstin Neumuller

A Handbook to Repairing clothes and Textiles

Kerstin Neumuller is a tailor who loves sewing with tiny stitches. With her partner Douglas Luhanko she runs a shop in Stockholm called Second Sunrise. In it they sell jeans, run craft workshops and have a repair studio.

This, her second book, is a practical handbook, and is perfect for anyone who wants to sharpen their mending skills, and lead a more sustainable life style.

 Packed with advice on how to combat wears and tears, the book shows the basics for mending jeans and button holes, how to repair pockets and seams, how to darn a hole in your best knitted jumper, and how to work with different materials, including denim, cotton and wool.

Techniques for showing mends and making a design statement are given, as are the techniques for making hidden mends.

You are shown how to use a sewing machine to mend, how to add pockets and reinforcing using thick threads. The mends for knits, especially  Swiss Darning are amazing and there is even a section on mending leather.

This is a really useful and lovely book

Published by Pavilion at £12.99  All photographs by Hampus Andersson.

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Today we show you how to Cultivate, Dye and Create using INDIGO.

Indigo by

Kerstin Neumüller and Douglas Luhanko

Everything you need to grow, extract and use indigo.

Discover indigo; one of the world’s most mystical yet widely used dyes. In this practical and inspirational handbook, textile experts Kerstin Neumüller and Douglas Luhanko take the reader on a journey from plant to pigment to garment, sharing their passion for this powerful  and popular dye.

They have collected a variety of classic and modern dye recipes to suit every skill level and equipment, including more environmentally friendly alternatives. There are recipes for both synthetic and natural indigo, accompanied with handy gardening tips for those wanting to start from scratch and grow their own indigo plants.

The authors go on to explore indigo’s true potential in a variety of craft projects, ranging from Japanese resist-dyeing techniques (shibori) to embroidery (sashiko) and quilting. There is also advice on combining indigo with other pigments to create a kaleidoscope of hues.

Packed with tips and advice throughout and suitable for both beginners and more advanced dyers, Indigo is an essential book for everyone who wants to create unique indigo craft projects.

Kerstin Neumüller and Douglas Luhanko met when Kerstin was looking for someone to dye indigo with and, by chance, stepped into Douglas’s shop on the very day he had ordered a kit for natural indigo dyeing. Since then, they have explored indigo’s possibilities and limitations together. Douglas has a passion for denim and indigo and manufactures jeans in his own company Blue Highway. Kerstin is a men’s tailor with her heart in handicrafts. She has spent many years studying handicrafts

Published by Pavilion Books £15.99