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Maison & Object A/W 2020

With lockdown, self isolating and Covid still in full swing , Maison & Object has taken place on line this year. So rather than stay in Paris I have had to make my design choices from my lap-top .

Recycling and sustainability are very much in evidence.

Dirk Vander Kooij sells his work from Popcorn.

For his college graduation he turned an old industrial printer into a 3D one and programmed it to print a line of recycled plastic furniture and lighting . The plastic is washed and ground into pellets, the material is then melted and extruded, in the form of a continuous filament, by a robotic arm.

Popcorn 134 Rue d’Aubervilliers. Complexr Metropole 19,RDC 75019 Paris

The chairs shown below are made from industrial materials. Called Art it is small and comfortable consisting of a recycled plastic shell, fixed on a recycled steel structure.

It is upholstered in recycled polyester fabric. The foam it uses is 33% recycled, it is sold in a variety of colour options.

Available from Noma 18 rue Aristide Briand 92300 Levallois Perret France

My next product is a pendant lamp made from recycled industrial felt. they look very cosy and are perfect as the nights draw in. These lamps are sold at Popcorn in Paris

Here is an unusual use of porcelain, made in the form of flowers. Very pale, fine and delicate they make beautiful translucent candle holders and lamp shades. available from Atelier sur La Riviere, 5 rue du Pont Romain, 14620 Morteaux Couliboeuf France

I have seen these floor lamps at Maison many times before and in hotels in the snow clad alps. Each year they are slightly different from last time, and who doesn’t want a tree inspired by Scandanavia in their living room. Designed by Stéphanie Calemard and on sale at 739 Chemin du Haut Manival 38330 Saint-Ismier France

Original Home throws are made from recycled textiles from the garment industry in Bangladesh. This process is environmentally kind and does not included extra dye, water or chemicals . The throws are woven in a hand loom workshop in northern Bangladesh. OriginalHome Burgemeester Pabstlaan 10, 2131 XE Hoofddorp Netherlands

Throws from recycled fabrics handwoven in Bangladesh

This wonderful design is a cross between a light and a large mobile. The Cloud Mast is a floor-supported luminary. The mast is crowned by a boom that holds a cloud mobile in shifting balance with a large fishing weight, a delicate and beautiful alternative to wiring the mobiles to the ceiling. the textile shades are illuminated from within by energy – efficient 90+ CRI LEDs. The honeycomb structure absorbs sound, subduing reflected noise within a space. Molo 1470, Venables Street V5L 2G7 Vancouver Canada

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