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Mad About The house

101 interior Design Answers by Kate Watson-Smythe

A practical how-to –guide from the author of Mad About The House, the bestselling book and UK’s number 1 interiors blog.

Very excited to read Kate’s new book. I’m enchanted with the engaging way she writes and absolutely loved her previous Mad about The House book reviewed here on my blog.

This book begins with the important questions of Who? What? Where? Why? How? and When? Answer these before starting any decorating scheme and you will avoid common mistakes, save money and most importantly, create a home that works for the people who live there.

Because Kate comes from a journalistic, rather than an interiors, background she is great at asking questions and especially the ones for which you really need answers. In this book she asks and answers those questions.

The book has checklists for different topics such as lighting and planning a kitchen or a bathroom, and even how to arrange a gallery wall. There are also top tips for renters and first time buyers so nothing is left out.

I think my most favourite question in the book is No 7 How do I get my Partner to agree to my Plans? Apparently this is a question Kate gets asked all the time, and she says sometimes the role of an interior designer crosses over with couples counselor.

It’s a great book so buy it before you contemplate decorating or moving !

Published by Pavilion at £20

instagram @mad_about_the_house

Podcast with Sophie Robinson The Great Indoors

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