The Magpie & The Wardrobe

The Magpie & the wardrobe is a book of curiosity of Folklore Magic and spells , by Sam McKechnie and Alexandrine Portelli. 9781910496459

This  magical book is unlike any other that you will find. When you open its cover the first thing you see is a silver metallic four leaf clover on a black ribbon book mark that has been embedded into the cover. What a clever and charming idea!

The book is divided into months, that in turn are divided into appropriate headings. For example January is New, February is Love and March is Spring.


January has a place for you to write your new year’s resolutions.

Old customs and curious days are mentioned such as First Footing, when on the chimes of midnight on New Year’s eve a dark haired stranger is the first over the threshold bestowing gifts and bringing good luck.

Superstitions such as blowing out candles and making a wish or reading tea leaves, fire gazing and palm reading are beautifully illustrated and explained.

The book looks like a very imaginative gorgeous sketchbook full of personal ephemera, little ornaments, pieces of lace, photographs, old illustrations, antique keys and feathers.

For those who like a little practicality with their nostalgia, we are given recipes: strawberry jam, elder flower jelly, sugared fruit, porridge, mince pies, chilly stew, plum crumble, Cornish splits.

There are practical craft ideas as well: Making herb oils, garlands, feather head dresses and decorating eggs, lemon pomander, wax roses and walnut keep sakes.

Weddings, the sea, the moon, the sun, harvest, Guy Fawkes, Maypoles and various saints are all mentioned. We are given a great deal of information about making wishes and casting spells.

This is a book that will probably evoke strong emotions in you. I love it for its beauty and I think it would be a brilliant present to give to foreign friends who would like to know a little more about British history, mythology, traditions and ways of life.


The Magpie & The Wardrobe by Sam McKechnie and Alexandrine Portelli is published by Pavilion at £20


The Magpie and the Wardrobe is owned and created by artist Sam McKechnie. It is a small business with a private studio ,which can be viewed strictly by appointment only. Sam produces two fashion seasons yearly that are sold through her Stockists. This shop offers a small and complimentary selection but stockists will usually have more choice. Sam Mckechnie also exhibits her assemblage boxes and art and also makes unique chandeliers sold through Designers Guild and through commission


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