Jeans for Genes

This Friday 22nd September is Jeans for Genes day in the UK

Half a million children in the UK are affected by a life-altering genetic disorder. Jeans for Genes day raises money to transform their lives. Go onto the web site to find out more and see what you can do to help raise awareness and funds. Jeans for Genes


I have come up with a very simple way of customizing your jeans by using Dylon cold water  dyes.

 You will need

1 pair of clean old faded jeans

2 packets of Dylon cold water dye in Ocean blue and Jeans  blue


bucket to mix the dye

optional (miniature pom pom strip)

you will need




  1. Decided how much of the jeans legs you wish to dye and mark with a pen. I decided to dye 2/3rds of the bottom of the trouser legs. 1/3 was pale blue and 1/3 dark blue. Mix up the paler dye according to manufacturers instructions.
  2. Wet the area of the jeans that you are going to dye
  3. Place the jeans in the dye bath so that both the area that will be light and the area that will be dark blue is immersed. Leave for 45 minutes. Take the trousers out and leave to one side.
  4. Mix the darker dye according to instructions and add to the dye bath. Place the bottom 1/3 of the trouser legs in the dye bath and dye according to manufacturers instructions.
  5. Remove the trousers and wash in the washing machine.




If you want to add a pop of colour add a strip of narrow pom pom to the bottom edge of the trouser legs. I found mine on a child’s scarf in a charity shop so that was 20p well spent.

Wear with pride on Jeans for Genes day Friday 22nd of September


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