LAKELAND’s 6 ‘on trend’ best sellers

Last year when I attended Lakeland‘s press briefing it was all about Spiralizers. They were selling one every 7 seconds! So  here we are one year on and I wondered what has been catching the interests and more importantly the consumers pockets. Often fads or trends are TV led.

1.The sale of Lakeland‘s Kefir Kit is down to Michael Mosley’s ‘Trust me I’m a doctor’ TV series. I am not surprised by this as Mosley goes out of his way to de-bunk nutritional fads and fancy’s and many people still follow his 2:5 eating plan. Mad Millie Kefir Kit, £9.99, ref 71791


2. With the introduction of paying for plastic bags in supermarkets, and the fact we are more environmentally aware, the sale of  Lakelands stylish reusable shopping bags  has shot up by 70%. 2-in-1 Trolley Tote Set, £19.99, ref 25306

3. I’m not sure if this will turn out to be a fad or a trend but in order to avoid ‘avacado hand’ people have been buying avacado gadgets and their sales are up 72% on last year’s. Lakeland Avocado Masher, £4.79, ref 72197

72197_14. Last year Juicing was very popular this year souping is the new juicing. Lakeland‘s  Soup Maker is already selling three times the amount that was forecast for 2017. 31577_1

5. Health seems to be the key factor, when it comes to cooking, and so in at number five is the Touchscreen Air Fryer, £79.99. ref 31796

At the press show I was lucky enough to taste some  very healthy potato chips  and some  made from sweet potato that had been cooked in the Touchscreen Air Fryer. They were delicious. 31796_LAKE12618_423

There is even a book to go with it. 14573,TAGINES BOOK,LAKE6215,KITCHEN,BOOKS

6. Last but not least, are Lakeland’s fermantation jars. Fermantation has taken over from spiralizing as the ‘on trend’ lakeland foodie process. Fermented vegetables are great tasting and good for your gut. So sauerkraut and kimchi it is, packed with probiotic goodness and flavour.


Lakeland Fermentation Jars, from £6.99



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