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The Green Edit

Easy tips for the eco-friendly traveller

 By Juliet Kinsman

With Global warming being on the agenda at this year’s Climate Summit, come to think of it when isn’t it! As much as we are all dying to start travelling again after more than a year in lock down, most of us are aware of the damage that tourism can do, and this book is much needed timely reminder of our impact on the planet if we don’t use resources in a responsible manner. Without being too wordy or censorious, Travel, the green edit, is a information packed guide to travel.

            Juliet Kinsman knows her stuff, she has been a journalist for two and a half decades and was one of the instigators of the travel brand Mr & Mrs Smith. More importantly she set up a web site called To showcase the best Eco-conscious design led hotels. She works with hoteliers helping them to improve their sustainability, social responsibility and communications, so that the discerning traveller can make informed decisions when looking for travel destinations.

            As she says ‘I believe the more we talk about sustainability and what’s good for the guest, good for the hotels and good for the world, the more we all benefit’

Travel The green edit covers holiday planning, including where and when to go and the best way to travel there. You will find where to stay when looking for Eco accommodation, whether it be camping, hotels or lodges and volunteering vacations.

            The ethos of this book is to inspire the reader to plan the best possible trips and see incredible places, meet interesting people and improve the lives of others along the way and for future generations. Leaving a place better than how we found it is a good guide to gallivanting. This means trying to keep the money you spend local. For example buying from local artisans and  eating locally grown food.

      The book has a glossary of organizations that offer sustainable tourism. Social enterprises such as cafes where tourists can support those working in them are also mentioned.

 There is also an A-Z of green travel terms. Juliet explains the meaning of carbon offsetting and tree planting. She even covers ethical insurance companies who are interested in people and the planet as well as profit. This excellent informative book, is a must have for anyone planning their next adventure.

Published in hardback by Ebury Press £9.99

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