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Harry Potter Knitting Magic

The official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book

By Tanis Gray

Photography by Laura Flippen

Published by Pavilion £22.99

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? According to today’s news, currently the most popular pastime is knitting. So dear readers here you have it, all in one wonderful package. There are many ‘how to books’ that tie in with fictional heroes. My heart sank a little when I heard of this one, but I can truly say this has the J K Rowling Midas touch. As far as I can see everything to do with Harry Potter has been done exquisitely. Nothing is left to chance, there are no sloppy mistakes.

As the brilliant press release described ‘ Channel the magic of the Harry Potter films from screen to skein with the ultimate knitter’s guide to the Wiizarding World.

The book features more than 25 magical knits including patterns for clothes, home projects and keepsakes pulled straight from the screen. The yarns suggested are based on the true colours used in the films, projects range from simple patterns such as Hogwarts house scarves to more complex items like Mrs Weasley’s Christmas sweaters. In order that you don’t inadvertently get overwhelmed by a pattern, they are rated for ease or difficulty of making.

Each project opens with fun facts original costume sketches, film stills and other, behind the scenes, treasures. The crafty Creatures include Cornish Pixie, Fluffy the three header dog and Hedwig.

My most favourite projects are the sweaters, I particularly like the Hermione Time-turner sweater and the half eagle half horse Buckbeak pullover. I am taken with the Scandi vibe  of the Expectorant Patronium mittens. I think if I knit the golden snitch socks and mittens I may get super powers. For all knitter’s and Harry Potter fans I thoroughly recommend this book.

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