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Bash by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon has created a new range of products made by beating, banging and bashing large sheets of annealed brass .

BASH is inspired by the desire for more organic, spontaneous and unpredictable design in a world swamped with mass produced, consistently well-finished objects. Smacked, beaten and hammered into abstract shapes each one bears the imprint of the tools and the personality of the craftsman.

BASH Vessel Mini – £70.00 | BASH Vessel Wide £450.00 | BASH Vessel Tall £680.00

These hand-made bowls are surprisingly delicate given the aggressive hammering that is necessary for their crafting. BASH Vessels are treated with a wash which renders the surface of the brass matt and is not lacquered or treated with any sealant. This means the objects oxidise over time to create a unique patina. To prevent this, use it for decorative purposes only and protect the object from humidity and liquids, which will accelerate the process.

Bash Vessel Large – £380.00 | Bash Vessel Small – £210.00

BASH is one of our most appropriately named products – beaten, banged and bashed from large sheets of annealed brass – they functioned so far as great bowls or serving dishes but we were missing over-scaled platters and vases. These are something to put a cherry blossom branch in, to use as an umbrella stand, or even a most extravagant waste paper basket. The tray allows for bigger parties and more ceremonial snacks.

BASH Tray – £240.00 BASH Platter- £370.00

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