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JOMO knits to celebrate the Joy of Missing Out

by Christine Boggis published by GMC Publications

Before I start on this review I must come clean and admit it, I am a poor knitter. This is why I think this book is so great. Most of the projects are done using very thick wool and are quick and easy to make.

I hadn’t heard of Jomo before I was sent this book, so for those of you who don’t know it has grown out of the social media term Fomo which means Fear of Missing Out.

As author Christine Boggis says,

“ Fomo fuelled and was fuelled by, social media posts of people having fun, eating photogenic dinners and jumping into swimming pools.” But a time came when all those images of people driven to constant consumption, striving and activity started to feel exhausting.

Ultra cosy blanket and pure wool cable stitch socks made from shetland wool

The author thought It might be nice to just sit in front of the TV  with a box set, a cup of tea and whole load of wool – even if it meant missing out on something ostensibly more exciting. With that idea, Jomo was born: the joy of missing out.

The book is about making something slowly, although the knits in the book are quite quick.

Breakfast in bed

What is JOMO knitting? It is not about being told what you should be doing by marketeers or anyone else. It is about slow fashion  and being a maker rather than a consumer. It is about being in the moment that is, not wishing for a different moment that might look more impressive on a social media feed.

Most importantly JOMO knitting is about embracing who you are and loving it-no matter what anyone else might think.

End of the Rainbow a perfect gift for a new baby

This inspiring book is split into three sections – Nest, Explore and Share.  There are 21 knitting projects and insights into how to use knitting to unwind from the demands of our over-stimulated and digitalized lives. Dotted about the book are special sections exploring the link between knitting and Jomo. Along with humorous observations and lists.

One of my favourite sections in the book is the introduction to modern kniterature. This includes both fiction and non-fiction knitting books. We are given five ways to make more time for knitting. I would translate this into 5 ways to do more crafting.

Just be me sweater and fingerless mits

Lots of lovely projects, my favourite being the first project in the book the breakfast in bed sweater. The marigold fingerless mits are nice as is the Box Set binge blanket.

This is much, much more than your usual set of knitting patterns, it is an inspirational  lifestyle guide and friend all wrapped up in book form.

Published by GMC publications at £14.99

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