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Make Yourself at Home

Design Space to discover your true self. By Moorea Seal

9781632170354.jpgAt first glance this looks like a very ‘On Trend’ interiors book with its shabby chic vibe and copper accents, but it is much more than just a decorating book, it is a book that let’s you into the authors life, lifestyle and innermost thoughts and encourages you  to design your space to suit you and your life style.

There are practical and inspirational parts to this book that is divided into chapters, by room. The living room for example has an introduction on defining your space and yourself. The kitchen is described as a place to find peace in process. As Moorea Seal says it isn’t being the best that interests her, or what brings her joy, but it’s learning and experimenting that cultivates fulfillment and pride.Make Yourself at Home by Moorea Seal_Page 39_Photography by Marissa Maharaj

Dotted throughout the book are ‘makes’ projects, two of which are shown here the herb rack and the rug rail.

Make Yourself at Home by Moorea Seal_Page 12_Photography by Marissa Maharaj.jpg

For me the most interesting part of the book is the inclusion of designers and inspiring women friends of Moorea, who let us into their own particular take on interior styling.

There is Diana La Counte of who surrounds herself with fuschia pink and is a style writer. Diana adds her tips for adding joy and humor to your home. For example:

“Paint a door an unexpected colour to make it feel like you are walking into a creative space. It makes guests wonder. What’s in there?

Brandy Brown, a Seattle creative designer, graphic designer and blogger

Has a signature style she describes as French provincial meets modern contemporary. She gives the reader tips for imbuing a space with Elegance and whimsy. “ Keep lines and use symmetry (e.g., two of the same chairs or throw pillows, booked grouped on a shelf by colour).

Graphic designer and also an interior designer and craiglist curator is Brooke Eide from Her signature style is modern bohemian eclectic meets folksy Texan ranch. She gives lots of tips for thrifting on Craigslist. The best and first is ‘Be Patient”

Friend Kim Kogan talks about multipurpose workspaces. Her signature style is functional minimalism meets feminine bohemian. As well as running her own jewellery business she also mentors young women who wish to set up their own businesses. Her tips are about being a leader in your own life.

The signature style of Erin Perlez Hagstrom is celebrating vintage and handmade through adaptable design. She is a freelance writer and blogger @CaliVintage. She gives us tips for buying pieces to last a lifetime.

The most famous blogger in this book is probably Laura Gummerman from ‘A beautiful mess’ her great love is plants, particularly cactuses, palms and tropical plants. She also likes artworks that celebrate the summer and the outside. She gives the reader tips for Decorating with plants.

If you are nosy about what makes people tick and want to glean a little about how they became successful this is the book for you.

Published by Sasquatch Books in the USA and distributed by GMC publications in the UK for £19.99



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