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In the Mood for Colour is the latest book by  Hans Blomquist, one of the masters of interior styling  and art direction. In this book he recounts his story of colour, The book is full of  fabulous images not unlike those of Sibella Court in content, but much more colourful.

The book opens with A World Full of Colour, a mosaic of images from around the world. It is then divided into the following chapters, Dark, Pale, Natural, Soft and Bold.

Each chapter gives the reader a feast of colourful  images  that illustrate ways to bring colour into interiors.

The mantra running through out both the text and the images is that the most successful use of colour in interiors is they are all ‘designed by nature’. This is a personal account of Han’s relationship with colour, and his response to the different colours is engaging and particularly so when he discusses how his mood responds to different colours.

I once attended a talk on colour by the late Jean Muir. She described how she always chose the colours for her collections by looking at nature. So it is not just interior designers that look to nature for their colour palette, but fashion designers too. This was somewhat of a surprise for me as she always wore navy, however I digress.

Han’s delightful schemes show ways of using colour with imaginative names like Pistachio, Duck Egg and Faded Denim. He hints that this layering of tones and hues engages all the senses.

 In the Mood for Colour , is full of still life and dream like  compositions. It is an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to find ways to use colour to create confident colourful interiors. It is also just a beautiful book to own.

IN THE MOOD FOR COLOUR Perfect palettes for creative interiors

Hans Blomquist

Published by Ryland Peters & Small £19.99

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