The Art of Living with Nature

50 beautiful projects to bring the outside in.

This week is British flower week so I make no excuse for reviewing a second book by the talented Willow Crossley9781782494539.jpg.   She is currently in the news with her new venture a Cotswold inn. The inn shows off her imaginative and playful approach to interiors. Swan inn


Her approach to home decorating using natural artifacts has the same playful and original quality about it as her eclectic interiors. Don’t expect a book of formal floral arrangements. Expect the unexpected, combinations of pebbles, shells, drift wood. The use of decorative tin cans, test tubes, wine boxes and vegetables instead of traditional vases.


Combining her passions for the great outdoors and natural beauty, Willow shows you how to make the most of your flower-shop purchases, beach-combing, bounty, home grown harvests and hedgerow finds.


The book contains innovative ways to decorate your home, ranging from Hellebores displayed in test tubes to wreaths made from Hydrangeas. Filled with tips and useful techniques to make the most out of your blooms this is a fun filled informative book.


The Art of Living with Nature by Willow Crossley, published by CICO Books (£14.99)

Photography by Emma Mitchell © CICO Books



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