Styling your home with coloured glass

If you are colour lover and are lucky enough to have South facing windows then what better way to add colour and light to your home than to collect glass and place it on the sills. When sun shines, the rays will pass through the glass creating prisms of colour .

We are not talking posh Italian Murano Glass


or even Stourbridge’s Stuart Crystal


or Webb Corbett glass


or even the lovely Crystal made in Waterford.


No what we are talking about are oddments of coloured glass that you find in charity or thrift shops. This is an inexpensive collection. You pick up odd pieces whenever you pass a charity shop and then add to your collection. As you collect more, swap them around so the light hits one surface and then bounces off another.

If, as your collection grows, you become enamored with glass itself rather than just the colours I suggest you visit London’s V&A’s glass collection which is one of the largest and the most comprehensive in the world, showcasing the development of design and technology in glass-making over 3,500 years.


Here’s to a colourful life and good luck with your collecting.


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