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Sew Japanese by Mariko Nakamura

20 Charming patterns for children.

Mariko Nakamura has been designing clothes since she was ten years

old. She would draw designs and then her mother would take her

shopping for fabric and then make the outfits.

Not a surprise then that Mariko went on to study fashion design in Tokyo.

The designs in this book were originally created for Mariko’s own

children. They are essentially simple, easy to make, and easy to wear.

Garments that children will be comfortable in.

The shapes are all loose fitting so movement isn’t restricted. The fabrics are practical and can be

Laundered over and over again. Many of the pieces can be worn with

others from the collection. The book is divided into two, spring-summer

and Autumn-winter with collections for both boys and girls. each garment

has its own pattern in four sizes. This book is not for complete beginners,

but the patterns are not too complicated and the designs are lovely.

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