How to make a queen of hearts playing card cushion

I love playing cards and thought it would translate into a fantastic design for a cushion cover.

QueenofHearts copy.jpg


You will need:

Playing card design increased to A3 size

Old fashioned carbon paper

A3 Tracing paper

2B pencil

1 packet of Bondaweb fusible webbing

1m calico or cotton

Squares of felt in red, yellow and black

1 skein black embroidery floss

Sewing machine

Dressmaker’s scissors

Paper scissors

Iron and ironing board



1.Cut out one oblong of fabric 58cmx36 cm for the cushion front and two oblongs 36cm x 30cm for the cushion back.

2. Enlarge the playing card design

2 enlarge and photocopy playing card.jpg

3. Trace over the enlarged playing card.

3 trace over design twice.jpg

4. Mark the tracing with the different coloured areas red, yellow and black.

4 Mark RYB for colours of each component.jpg

5. Take a separate piece of Bondaweb for each colour, then trace the pattern pieces from the coloured design onto the Bondaweb paper backing. Iron the Bondaweb patterns onto each piece of coloured felt, cut out the coloured felt pieces.


5 Iron bondaweb  onto back of felt .jpg

6. Tape the piece of calico for the front of the cushion onto the worktable, then tape the carbon paper, ink side down, onto the calico. Next tape the tracing over the carbon paper and go over it with a pen or pencil.

6 Trace over copier paper onto fabric .jpg

7. Remove the carbon and the tracing paper revealing the transferred image.

7 transfered image

8. Remove the backing paper from the felt shapes then iron onto the carbon image on the calico.

9iron on all the fabric

9. Machine round the edge of each coloured shape.

10 machine round each element.jpg

10. Use a pencil draw on any other embellishments you fancy on the felt pieces and clear areas.

12 draw on other elements .jpg

11. Embroider the embellishments then use backstitch round the edge of the card. The finished card will look like this.11Embroider over  lines .jpg

12. To complete the cushion, take the two remaining pieces of calico and neaten one of the 36cm sides, by turning under 0.5cm and 0.5cm again, then sew down.

15 machine edges to neaten

13. With right sides facing, place one neatened piece on top of the queen design, she will look like she is in bed. Sew the cushion front to the back round the three un-neatened sides.

14. Repeat step 13 for the other end of the cushion cover. The neatened seams will overlap on the reverse of the cushion cover.

15. Turn the cover right way out and fill with a cushion pad.


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