Lace Cushions transformation

This is a very quick makeover project and one I have been wanting to do for a while. I found two vintage, previously white cushion covers in a junk shop. This particular look was very  popular in the nineteen eighties and so I think it is still possible to find these cushions in charity and thrift shops. Theses two  were in need of a makeover so I decided to transform them using dye .IMG_0002

The first step was to remove the lace front from the cotton cushion cover back. Korbond make a very handy stitch ripper for this job. Sainsbury’s sell them.  I mixed up 2 pails of Dylon hand dye a deep navy and a bright green. I added  one lace front and one  cotton back to each dye bath and when dyed and washed I then sewed a green lace top to a navy back and a  navy lace top to a green back.



Stitch Ripper  Korbond




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